Rebel Rebel: Spotlight on Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games continues to build out options for their exceptionally fun Star Wars: Legion, and Jyn Erso, the reluctant hero of Rogue One, is about to hit stores (and game tables) in a big way.


//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The last few releases for Legion have been a lot of fun, with Rebel and Imperial Specialists boxes going a long way towards adding flexibility to existing troops. The Jyn Erso expansion looks to do the same, inserting an unpredictable and resilient command option to Rebel armies.

//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The expansion includes one Jyn Erso miniature, several skill cards, equipment cards, and status tokens in the new box set. The miniature itself is one of the nicer sculpts in the Legion line, and captures the ferocious determination of the character perfectly.

//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Jyn is tough; she spends suppression tokens to activate special attacks, which is just brutal. Normally, suppressed units in Legion may end up less effective on the battlefield, but Erso uses them to her advantage. With her Rebellious ability, she can spend one suppression token to attack enemy units before they rally, or take a free move action. She also inflicts an automatic suppression token on units she attacks and can spend her own suppression tokens to add dice to her defense pool.

//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Jyn can also Infiltrate, allowing her to deploy farther onto the battlefield than traditional units! In combat, Erso can use her A-180 blaster in firefights as a pistol or use it in its rifle configuration in conjunction with her Sharpshooter skill. In melee combat, she uses her Collapsable Tonfa, which uses 4 black dice in attack rolls. Jyn is a great leader, too, and can use her skills to keep friendly troops from panicking in battle. At 130 points, she may seem a little pricey to field, but you get a lot of power packed into that points cost!

The Jyn Erso expansion for Star Wars: Legion will be available soon from your favorite game store! Considering how fast these sets sell out, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check and see if you can have one set aside for you.

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