Relic Entertainment Is Moving on from Dawn of War 3

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have announced that they won't be putting extra resources into Warhammer 40,000:Dawn of War 3 and will be moving away from the title.

Dawn of war 3

Dawn of War 3 has had a rough go of it. The game came under fire by fans of the series when it launched for its limited roster selection and some rather drastic changes made to the core of the series. It alienated some players of the older titles and sports a 4.6 user review score on Metacritic. It clearly had some issues when it came to fan reception.

It seems the game isn't being given a chance to overcome those, sadly. In a statement to Eurogamer, SEGA and Relic Entertainment announced they are abandoning further work on the title. They said:

While Dawn of War 3 has a dedicated player base, it didn't hit the targets we were expecting at launch, and it hasn't performed the way we had hoped since. It's been tough for us as professionals who want to make great games for our players, and for us as people who care a lot about what we do.

When a game underperforms, plans need to change. With Dawn of War 3, we simply don't have the foundation we need to produce major content. We're working in close partnership with Sega and Games Workshop to determine the best course of action, while shifting focus to other projects within our portfolio.

This is sad. It's always a little upsetting when a title that a lot of people put time and money into doesn't come together, and sadder still when it won't be given a real chance to right its wrongs in expansions and the like. Alas though, I'm sure from a financial angle this makes a lot of sense. So long Dawn of War 3, we hardly knew yee.