Remedy Entertainment's Next Game Will Be At E3

Remedy Entertainment's mysterious P7 is set to be revealed at E3.

Remedy Entertainment Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment's Project 7, or P7 has been shrouded in mystery for a little while. There have been several public allusions to its existence, from interviews to job listings. We don't currently know what the game is, but the one clue we were given is that the game might have a Destiny like quality to it, suggesting something a little more persistent than Remedy are usually known for. Still, the company makes generally loved games, so I'm sure most will be interested in seeing what the team can bring to the table.

Well, we don't have long to wait now until the game makes an appearance it would seem. The game's publisher 505 Games has said (via PCGamesN), we can expect to see some kind of reveal at E3. It seems it will be pretty early though as it will be treating the press to a 'hands-off' preview of the title, meaning it won't be playable. No other details were shared, but the game will be shown off alongside the publisher's other games, Underworld Ascendant, Indivisible, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

It's not long now until E3, so it will be just a few short weeks until we see what Remedy has cooked up. The studio has been known for linear narrative games in past years, and P7 sounds like it is going to be anything but. I am fascinated by what the title could be based on that alone. Here's hoping it really does offer the goods.

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