Renegade's Wardlings Has Officially Arrived In Roll20

Renegade Game Studios and Roll20 revealed this week that the Wardlings Campaign Guide is now available on the platform. The adorable RPG module based on the WizKids-designed figures has caught on with a lot of people since being introduced. They especially have helped bring kids into the fold of tabletop RPG gameplay as they all have different skills and come with their own pets to help add to the experience. Now players can take those adventures over to Roll20 as everything Renegade has made for them is accessible on the platform. You can read more details below along with a quote from the company about the latest addition that will make for some awesome adventures.

Now you and your friends and all of their pets can come along on a Roll20 adventure!
Now you and your friends and all of their pets can come along on a Roll20 adventure!

With a new Adventure Module featuring new custom maps, a charactermancer-compatible Compendium expansion, and a player token and handout pack, Roll20 now has everything a group needs to start playing Wardlings online. Wardlings is a 5th Edition-compatible campaign setting, based on WizKids' pre-painted miniatures line, where the youth are the only ones capable of perceiving and interacting with the magic of the world. It provides a great entry point in to roleplaying for ages 10 and up. This is just the start of a new collaboration between Renegade Games and Roll20. In the coming months there are plans to bring additional Renegade RPG lines to the platform.

"Roll20 offers more than just a way for people to play their favorite RPGs online," explains Elisa Teague, Senior Producer of Roleplaying Games at Renegade Game Studios and Wardlings Campaign Guide designer. "It makes games easier to run and helps players quickly get to the fun part of experiencing an adventure together. We are so proud to bring Wardlings to this wonderful platform, opening it up to more groups."

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