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Vampire: The Masquerade Will Be Available On Roll20
Renegade Game Studios announced today that they will be bringing Vampire: The Masquerade over to Roll20 this year The World Of Darkness mainstay has grown in popularity ever since Fifth Edition was introduced a couple years ago, and now you can experience that on Roll210 with the release of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Core Rulebook[...]
Renegade's Wardlings Has Officially Arrived In Roll20
Renegade Game Studios and Roll20 revealed this week that the Wardlings Campaign Guide is now available on the platform The adorable RPG module based on the WizKids-designed figures has caught on with a lot of people since being introduced They especially have helped bring kids into the fold of tabletop RPG gameplay as they all[...]
Roll20 Will Support Pathfinder Second Edition on Day 1
Roll20 revealed over the weekend that they have implemented a new set of major content updates into their service We have some of the details below, and you can read the full implementation on their blog But the shorthand version is that multiple games under their service have been given a bit of an upgrade[...]
Roll20 Reveals Details For Roll20Con Happening Next Weekend
This week, Roll20 unveiled their plans for Roll20Con 2020 happening next weekend and what you can expect from the event The fifth annual event will take place completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will kick off on Friday, October 23rd, and run through Sunday, October 25th This year the focus of the event,[...]
Roll20's First Original Tabletop RPG To Launch July 7th
Online role-playing client Roll20 has announced its upcoming launch of Burn Bryte, their first original role-playing game. Burn Bryte is a "science-fantasy" game set in a far-off galaxy and took three years for Roll20's team to develop It will officially launch for the Roll20 client on July 7th of this year. Key art for the cover of Burn[...]
Roll20 To Present "Lost Odyssey" Autism Fundraiser Event
Roll20 will be holding a fundraiser next month called Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge, a D&D event for the Autism Society of America The event will take place on November 15th at The Apex Theater in Los Angeles, featuring a star-studded cast of celebs and D&D alumni The cast will include Deborah AnnWoll (True Blood,[...]
Roll20 Receieves The Latest "Pathfinder" Adventure "Fall Of Plaguestone"
Roll20 announced this week that the latest Pathfinder adventure, "Fall Of Plaguestone", has officially been added to their system This is a fresh adventure from Second Edition for level 1 adventurers, with 12 pre-generated player characters to help the first-time players.W We have the full details of it below as the module will run you[...]
Roll20 Will Support Pathfinder Second Edition on Day 1
Some good news for Pathfinder fans as Roll20 came out this week and announced they will fully support Second Edition starting on Day One According to the information sent out by the company, they will have a fully developed Roll20 character sheet that "brings all the Pathfinder functionality online with click-to-roll abilities, weapons, and more"[...]
Roll20 Adds New "Starfinder" Adventure Path Content
This week, Roll20 has teamed up with Paizo to add more Starfinder content to the platform, including a new adventure path many will find intriguing Against the Aeon Throne: The Reach of Empire has been added to the mix, which will pit players against the merciless Azlanti Star Empire This will give players 15 new[...]
Roll20 Introduces the Charactermancer for Quick Character Making
Don't have time to sit down and hammer out a character for your favorite tabletop RPG? Roll20 now has a new solution for you The company has launched a new character building tool called the Charactermancer, which is a quick and easy way to create a character from scratch It's like using the character creation[...]