Resident Evil 7 Producer Explains Why Game Is A Sequel And Not A Reboot


Resident Evil 7 is going to be a huge departure for the series. Not only does it seem to be focused on a new family and monsters, it is also going to be first person for the first time ever.

This has made some wonder that even though the game bears a number, if this would be a reboot of sorts from the convoluted mainline story. Not so it seems. Speaking to Game Informer, series producer Masachika Kawata explained that the game most definitely is the next in the series and not a do-over.

If you look at just the gameplay that's been shown so far, you may think of it as a reboot at first, but the story and narrative have shaped up to fit the series as a numbered title. It is still a Resident Evil title, which draws on the series' roots of horror, exploration, puzzles, and combat while offering something new. Rather than playing it safe and sticking with what we're used to, we strived to create something new that would impact players in a different way with a more immersive, personal experience. We wanted to create a game that really pushes survival horror to the forefront and focus on what makes a game scary, while still being a fun and entertaining experience from a gameplay perspective.

I'm actually quite intrigued to see how the game does fit into the universe, especially with how radical a departure it looks. It really isn't long now until the game is released, so not too much more waiting.