Rise Of Kingdoms Adds Ancient Egypt In Latest Update

Lilith Games has released a new update for Rise Of Kingdoms, as players will be able to experience the challenges and wonders of Ancient Egypt. The update is being called Egypt Must Rise, and with it comes a bunch of new content including a new army to play with. You'll be able to head into battle and wage historically-accurate wars with the goal of defeating other players, and not just with brute force, but with "the fabled cunning and architectural ingenuity of Ancient Egypt". On top of this, the developers revealed that the game now has true cross-platform functionality and is now deployed for all platforms, giving you the chance to continue your Rise Of Kingdoms skirmishes both at home or on the go through mobile. You can read more about the latest update below along with a new trailer showing off Egypt.

Rise Of Kingdoms Adds Ancient Egypt In Latest Update
Credit: Lilith Games

With its rich history of prosperity and affluence, the addition of ancient Egypt allows players to experience a whole new civilization to lead, grow, and flourish. Additionally, the update adds new Commanders, including Imhotep, expert pyramid architect and high priest, and "The Warrior King" himself, Thutmose III. Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly stylish, ancient Egypt was ruled for almost 30 centuries before its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. Rise of Kingdoms also offers players 13 historically accurate kingdoms to command, with societies from rich cultural backgrounds in addition to Egypt, such as Rome, Britain, Spain, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, Byzantium, and Viking.

Lead expeditions beyond country borders, devote power to assisting residents in need and become a leader known for their noble character. With Rise of Kingdoms' vastly rich MMOSLG gameplay that flawlessly merges MMO-style gameplay on a world map that's limitlessly zoomable, wage historically accurate wars between ancient civilizations and lead their denizens to a prosperous future.

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