Rise Of The Necromancers To Launch New Crowdfunding Project

Mythic Games announced that they will be starting a new crowdfunding campaign for expansions to Rise Of The Necromancers. The team are planning to launch two new expansions called Dawn & Demons, and Undead Sea, both of which will be bringing a whole new flavor of adventuring to the main game while using minimalist pieces to make it happen so it doesn't take up a ton of space. As of right now, they've set up a link for the fund, but they haven't announced a formal date of when they will be launching the campaign or what any of the goals for it are. What we do know is what will be included in both, which you can read about them below.

Rise Of The Necromancers To Launch New Crowdfunding Project
Credit: Mythic Games

Rise of the Necromancers is a new addition to the Phoenix Line! As the phoenix symbolizes rebirth, the games we publish under this label are ones we feel deserving of another chance in the limelight. These do not have to be miniatures games, mind you, but just games we love and feel passionate about.

Dawn & Demons introduces demons for Necromancers to summon, powerful beings able to command your army. This expansion introduces a co-op mode and a solo mode that pits you against the forces of light, led by the Bishop of Light. However, you can still play competitively against the powers of good! In Undead Sea, the Necromancers have vanquished the Bishop of light thanks to the Demons… who have destroyed the land in return. The Necromancers take it to the seas in a brand new game board and need to find a Soul ship to pour their mind into, and they sail to conquer islands and continents alike. Should they come across the denizens of the deep, they must vanquish them to raise them into the wake of their ship.

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