Rocket League to get Cross-Platform Party Support This Year

The ultra-popular soccer with cars game Rocket League is going to see cross-platform party support in 2018 to build off of its cross-platform play functionality. So now you can form a party with your PC friends while you're on console and live the dream.

When asked on Twitter whether the feature was coming, the official support account for the game replied by saying the development team was actively working on the feature.

This falls in line with Psyonix's future plans released towards the end of last year. In the roadmap, the developer said it intended to roll out PsyNet parties to all players in 2018. For the unaware, PsyNet parties are Rocket League's party system.

The account also clarified there is no specific information about which platforms will be supported at launch.

Back during E3 2017, Psyonix's Vice President Jeremy Dunham told IGN"I think without cross-network play you're almost holding back the advancement of games in a way." And since the reveal of Rocket League on Switch at last year's E3, Psyonix has opened up cross-play among Switch, Xbox, and PC players.

As of August of last year, Psyonix said talks were still ongoing with PlayStation to allow for cross-play with other consoles. Though that is likely proving to be the hardest end of the fight given they're negotiating for Sony and Microsoft to cooperate on cross-play, which has long been one of the many walls in the way of cross-platform support for multiplayer games.

Cross-platform parties will only help in making the already popular Rocket League even more popular. The game crossed the 40 million players mark at the beginning of this year.

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