Rocket Worldwide Announces Train Runner VR for the HTC Vive

Rocket Worldwide Announces Train Runner VR for the HTC Vive

Rocket Worldwide have announced their entry into the VR market with the debut of its kid-friendly game, Train Runner VR. This reflect's Rocket's new change in direction to begin creating more VR content going forward.

Train Runner VR is an original, family-friendly game in which players are immersed in a magical world where they discover a stranded puppy named Panda on railroad tracks spanning a jaw-dropping 500-foot gorge, with a runaway locomotive looming in the distance. After being propelled into the action by flying through a perilous mountain pass, players discover whimsical gadgets and tools like a slingshot and bow / arrow and ballista which are used to defeat the train and save Panda.

There's even a mystery box that contains surprises like new gadgets and scenes which is regularly refreshed with something exciting and new.

"We are firm believers in how virtual reality can act as a uniquely engaging platform to deliver
emotional and exciting content that can inspire a new generation of youth," said Doug Kryzan,
CEO of Rocket Worldwide and Train Runner VR producer and writer. "Our goal with Train
Runner is to deliver a memorable and impactful virtual reality experience that speaks to a child's
worldview and can be enjoyed by the whole family."

Train Runner VR delivers a fun-filled and exciting experience through the following features:

  • Compelling storytelling – The stage is set when playful Panda's Panda runs away
    from its owner Kaley cannot find her puppy and discovers himand becomes stranded on
    the train tracks, establishing an emotional connection between the player and the
    characters. From there, the story is in the player's hands as they set the pace and
    dramatic tension in their efforts to save Panda.
  • Playful animation – Through a company-wide collaboration with designers, illustrators and writers, along with using foundational and modern animation techniques for its cast, players can expect new and innovative emotional responses in Train Runner VR.
  • Exhilarating music – Train Runner VR's musical score evokes warm and familiar feelings for players through inspirations taken from iconic soundtracks, classical music and modern rock. Each musical stem is curated to enhance and harmonize gameplay to create a delightful experience.

Train Runner VR is out now on HTC Vive.

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