Movie Trivia Schmoedown App Finally Lets You Play The Internet's Best Trivia Game

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is one of the best shows on YouTube. Created by the Schmoes Know Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, it combines head-to-head movie trivia with professional wrestling sensibilities. And it is a damn good time. Online movie bloggers and critics appear regularly on the show to win belts, bragging rights, and even form factions. It all culminates in big-time events, like wrestling does. And now you can play, too!

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As a loyal viewer, I constantly play at home, screaming at my television while I watch the show. I came a little late to the party, the show has been around since 2014 and I didn't start watching until last year. I quickly fell in love with the show, devouring as many episodes as I could. Like anyone else who watches, I longed to be on the show itself. I would say I get more right than I get wrong, I could do this! But I live in Ohio, and do not know anyone involved with the show. So, it remained a pipe dream until earlier this week.

Now available in the iOS App Store (sorry, Android users; although that version is coming soon), is the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Game! Finally, I could match wits with JTE, Stacy Howard, Scott Mantz, Tom Dagnino, Rachel Cushing, and my personal favorites John Rocha and Clarke Wolfe. There are many more fighters; an impressive amount, actually.

They really went above and beyond for this app for the fans. It features local and online play, as well as single play where you climb the ladder against your favorite players to win the title. Once you earn 250 coins, you can also unlock the Innergeekdom round, and go for that belt, as well. Sadly, there is no team play (sorry, Patriots fans).

The matches last three rounds, like a match on the show would. Round One consists of eight questions form every possible category. After introductions by Harloff and Ellis, the questions start. This is where I can gush about the app.

The answers need to be entered in manually, but you get ample time to type them in. If you are a horrible speller like me, there is no need to worry. Not only is the app intuitive enough to try and guess what you tried to type, you can also use your phone's speaker to say the answers. Genius stuff right there. While I suppose that could lead to some guessing, when I have tried to do that, it didn't work.

The questions range in difficulty, as they should. The dreaded Movie Release Dates category is here, although I have done well at those. And the competitors stay pretty close to their real-life counterparts. Whatever their strengths are, they nail those questions and it is 50/50 as far as if they get their harder questions right. The AI is perfect in that sense.

As with the show, Round Two makes or breaks the match. Yes, fans, the wheel is here. The movie categories are randomly placed on there, along with Spinner's Choice and the feared Opponent's Choice. If you do not like your first spin, you can choose to do it again. I will say that when I do that, it usually gives me a new category, too.

From there, multiple choice is an option for these four questions. You can also steal from the person you are facing. Everything runs flawlessly here, as well; no real load times to speak of and very few repeat questions throughout the rounds.

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Round Three is the final round, again featuring questions from all categories. These have been the toughest questions as I have played. No multiple choice — just your movie knowledge against your opponent. In a match I had against Mike Kalinowski, I answered correctly and I had to wait a second to see if I won, and my heart skipped a beat (I didn't. He remains undefeated against me). In Singles, if you win, you keep climbing the ladder — if not, you have to start all over again.

Movie Trivia Schmoedown App 12

Like all apps, Online Play is hit and miss. Once a match is started, if a player is lagging, the app will wait for the other player to catch up. Lots of players cancel if they are losing big time. I started to trounce a couple people on there and they quit on me. I also won two matches that didn't save to my overall record. So there are some kinks to work out.

But that is more than OK. Updates have been promised by Harloff, and the sky is the limit here. You can tell they made this app for the fans, and it is more than worth the $3.99 it costs in the App Store. You can buy coins to speed everything up if you want, as well, and unlock customization for your avatar.

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is one of the coolest things the internet has ever given us. These are people who truly care about film and film history. The fact that they have gotten this game to these heights is incredible, and I tip my hat to Harloff, Ellis, and everyone else involved. Thank you for everything.

Now, Let's Get Ready To Schmoedown!

You can watch episodes of the show here, and the link to purchase the app is here.

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