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Rumor: More Kingdom Hearts III Worlds have Been Revealed

Rumor: More Kingdom Hearts III Worlds have Been Revealed

Dataminers on Reddit have uncovered some more potential worlds that will be playable in Square Enix's long awaited sequel Kingdom Hearts III. The potential worlds includes a return to the 100 Acre Woods as well as a world for the undying Disney hit Frozen. Seriously, can't we all just let it go?

The leak comes from the same source that pulled development screenshots of the Monsters Inc. world ahead of its official reveal. The rumor was first posted on Reddit, where the leaker looked at file names from a FTP server. They were only able to uncover file names, but the report also linked files from known worlds with filenames for enemies and objects, which allowed Redditors to make educated guesses on the world identities.

From Reddit:

Okay, So I'm going to go ahead and say that I've done my own research and I have ran across the files that were supposedly leaked I am not however able to download any of them probably due to the fact I don't run any software and that square has probably removed all of these files by now (though they are still searchable) I'm going to give the files that I have found and give my idea of what these worlds are as well as what other people think they are.

  • TS – More than likely Toy Story, there are files such as "Airdroid robot", "Gigas", "Floor A", "Flor B", "Floor C", Gunball machine, area doll stage, areadollflamenco, areadollshelf, areadollflamenco, areadollcastle, areadollcushion, areabosscube, areabosscone
  • RA – Probably Rapunzel (Tangled), has Bonfire, Cliffhill, Curvecliff, Limestone cave, Swamp Clover, mushroom, lead flower, jagged grass, dead hornbeam, wetlandlamp, torch, mountain, lavender, tower door, branch the only weird thing with this one is there are Wetland Tarzan Tree files with them.
  • FZ02 – Frozen…I believe this is Frozen and for the love of god pleaase don't make it a musical if it is Square. Has A LOT of Icicle files, Crystal, Hexpillar, Lamp, fences. There is literally like Icicle files label A, B, C, D as well as Area files labeled the same way. Some of these are jpgs, but again I cannot download any of these files sadly.
  • RG – Radiant Garden maybe? Has Castle, monitor, computer, machine, door, pipe A, pipe B, pendulum, balance stick, arc gate, house, castlebehind, computer room
  • DP – Land of Departure maybe? Or maybe it's Daybreak P… Has a lot of castle files. Castlehandrail, castlewall, castlestaindglass, castlefloor, castlestage
  • HE – Probably Hercules groundstairswall, groundstairspillar, groundstairsbrokenwall, buildingroof, stoneblock, arc relief, arc stone, arc pillar, Hercules doll,pot broken, hammer
  • PO – More than likely Winnie the Pooh tree, rabbithouse, landry, honeypot, scarecrow, vegetables, bridge, fence,
  • DC – Probably Disney Castle There are library bookshelf, candle, chair, ink bottle,library fireplace, dog bed

World list so far:

  • Twilight Town
  • Mysterious Tower
  • Olympus
  • Kingdom of Corona (Tangled/Rapunzel)
  • Galaxy Toys (Toy Story)
  • San Fransokyo
  • Monstropolis
  • Arendelle
  • 100 Acre Woods
  • Radiant Garden
  • Disney Castle
  • DP (Land of Departure?) (Wait…Dp…Daybreak Plaza maybe or maybe eve Daybreak Palace?)

If the list is accurate, it adds the worlds of Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Hercules, and Winnie the Pooh alongside the original Kingdom Hearts worlds of Radiant Garden, Twilight Town, and Disney Castle. With the inclusion of two pixar films and three 3D animated Disney movies, the world list makes for a pretty impressive list of modern Disney hits. So, Disney superfans will have quite a bit of fun with this installment of the series.

Kingdom Hearts III was announced at E3 2013 alongside Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game does not have a decided release window, but it is slated to launch sometime this year.

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