Rumor: Squae Enix Working On New Final Fantasy Game With Team Ninja

If you believe the latest rumor mill, it sounds like Square Enix has gone to an interesting place with their next Final Fantasy game. The news came from FanByte over the weekend who claim their sources have confirmed SE is working with Team Ninja (the minds behind Nioh) on a new FF project that will apparently be called Final Fantasy Origin. What's more, it will be branching off from the traditional RPG route and going more for an Action-RPG feeling. Here's a snippet of the article.

Credit: Square Enix
Credit: Square Enix

The game, which appears to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 with a PC release further down the road, will be one of Square Enix's tentpoles at their upcoming E3 show. For whatever reason, several large chunks of the undated June show have leaked out, including the Final Fantasy Origin's logo and demo plans. Square Enix hopes to release an alpha demo this summer, not unlike Nioh's public alphas, to solicit feedback from the audience while the game is still in a fairly early state. This demo, like several other major demos, has its own title of "Stranger in Paradise."

Expect the title to play similar to Nioh or other games in the genre, but to be more accessible for a wider audience. Fanbyte's sources indicated that the game is largely developed by the same team behind Dissidia NT, but that Team Ninja's nearly-200 person studio involves a lot of shifting around and that there aren't hard borders on the different teams these days. The Nioh DNA in the game is likely the result of people core to the first two games' development being involved in Final Fantasy Origin.

With a name like Final Fantasy Origin, it feels like they're trying to do something that feels like it's in canon with an already established property in the series. And given all the options out there, the most likely guess would be we're getting some kind of prequel to the original 1987 title. But that's guesswork that anyone could arrive to. Until there's something more substantial and official from the company, right now it's just wishful thinking of what it could be.

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