Sail Forth To Be Released For PC & Console In Q1 2023

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developer Festive Vector are currently planning to release Sail Forth sometime early next year. This game has been teased for a couple of years now as the team wants to take you on a journey across an ocean filled with mysteries and secrets. All of which you can explore from your fleet of ships that can do various things. Now it looks like the game might see the light of day next year after being promised multiple times to come out in 2022. (Well, technically, they still have time if they pull a hail mary, but the game just says "coming soon" everywhere, with nothing to confirm it will make a December release.) You can check out more about the game below before it comes out for PC and all three major consoles.

Sail Forth To Be Released For PC & Console In Q1 2023
Credit: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

Put the wind to your back and cast out into High Adventure over a vast ocean-spanning dozens of eccentric regions in Sail Forth. Discover countless isles bursting with their own flora, fauna, friendly folk, and fearsome foes. Playfully pursue a pod of curious dolphins, admire the beauty of the sun sinking into an icy horizon, or run down a clutch of cowardly criminals only to accept their apologies to the tune of wild cannonry. Build and manage a custom cadre of specialized vessels to match any personality and play style. You can buy, equip, upgrade, and modify your ships' armaments to face off against the toughest privateers this side of the Eclipside. Crack open giant clams and loot lonely shipwrecks to fill your fleet's treasure hoard and keep your crew in shipshape.

Join forces with the myriad inhabitants of this watery world to uncover a terrible secret buried in the depths of the Deepblue. Reel in a big one with the salty Anglerwranglers, learn the secret spyspeak of the Croaker Command Corps, save the sea life of the Moontiders, capture picturesque memories with a mysterious "camera" device, and much more. Inspire fine folks from all over to work as one world-spanning crew to save the seas and the planet. Tack and jibe and heave and cut with a sail and wind system designed with enough attention to realistic sailing physics to excite naval enthusiasts while also remaining deeply accessible to anyone and everyone. Sail through stormy swells and serene sunsets in a dynamic and breathtaking day-night weather system. Bask in the beauty of the benevolent ocean waters in Free Sail mode, where the only goal is the ever-moving horizon.

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