Samurai Punk Announces Justice Sucks: Recharged

Melbourne-based developer Samurai Punk revealed this week that they have a sequel to Roombo: First Blood with Justice Sucks: Recharged. Much like how the first game was pretty ridiculous, the sequel is just as insane as it is an action-comedy sandbox title about a killer robot vacuum cleaner who is out on a quest for vengeance. The company didn't put a proper release window on it, but we do have some awesome screenshots and a trailer with some added details. Best guess, look for it in Early 2021.

Will vengeance be yours in Justice Sucks: Recharged? Courtesy of Samurai Punk.
Will vengeance be yours in Justice Sucks: Recharged? Courtesy of Samurai Punk.
  • After the events of Roombo: First Blood, your family is brutally attacked by the FamilyCorp elimination squad and in the battle you're thrown into the living room TV. On the brink of robodeath, your consciousness enters "the TV dimension" to gain the abilities you need to rise from the ashes and avenge your family.
  • Experience a collection of 90's pop culture inspired sandbox worlds, starting with a futurist robotic cruise ship being invaded by the infamous SeaBoyz, a group of mischievous pop-band pirates. Use your hacking abilities to improvise traps using gadgets, hilariously bad robots and everyday objects as projectiles as you master your environment to discover exciting and hilarious solutions to your challenges.
  • Defeat your enemies and watch them explode into chunks of meat, and then do your vacuuming duty and clean up the mess afterwards. Consuming their blood and gibs powers you up to use exciting new blood abilities. Hone your vacuum combat skills within the Neo-90s TV multiverse, seek revenge for the murder of your family and show the world again that JUSTICE SUCKS.

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