Sapiens Will Launch Into Steam Early Access On July 26th

Developer and publisher Majic Jungle revealed today that they will be releasing Sapiens into Steam's Early Access on July 26th, 2022. If you haven't seen this one yet, the game is a colony simulator in which you will become architects at the dawn of humanity. It will be up to you to help lead a tribe of diverse settlers as they try to survive in what is essentially a prehistoric world, as they will develop into the ancestors of the entire human species. You can rea dup more about it as we're four weeks out from what will essentially be a beta version of the game.

Sapiens Will Launch Into Steam Early Access On July 26th
Credit: Majic Jungle

In Sapiens, exploration and technological advancement are key in forging a successful society. Tribe members can venture far from home to find new resources and information that can be used to learn advanced skills. Back at camp, players must take care of the sapiens by managing their moods and maintaining shelter and food supply. The fully interactable world of Sapiens ensures players can strategically craft the landscape as they see fit, down to the placement of every rock, wall, or tree. But beware as an incoming storm can tear through at any moment and threaten the tribe.

  • Lead and foster a group of resourceful tribespeople as they navigate a prehistoric, sparsely populated land.
  • A first person camera ensures players feel right at home with their citizens.
  • Find new resources and send sapiens to investigate, leading to new breakthroughs which unlock new items to build and craft.
  • Instruct individual sapiens to focus on specific tasks, and watch as they learn new skills, making them more valuable to the tribe.
  • Sapiens features gridless, completely free-form building. Every item, from rocks to branches and trees, can be removed or placed. Terrain can also be dug, mined, or filled for further customization
  • Build shelters, both to keep sapiens happy, and to preserve food and resources. Every wall, roof, seat or fireplace can be placed individually. Every tree, log, plank or rock can be removed or placed, and the terrain can be dug, mined or filled to shape the world to player's liking .
  • Send sapiens over long distances and establish camps to gather far away resources or conduct hunting missions. Take down a mammoth to feed and clothe the tribe for months, but know that some sapiens may be lost in the effort.

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