"Sea Of Thieves" Announces The New "Smuggler's Fortune" Update

The next update is coming to Sea of Thieves as Rare and Microsoft have shown off the Smuggler's Fortune update and The Pirate Emporium. You can read more details here and below along with the trailer, but the shorthand is you're getting a new adventure and things to find. They have added a bunch of new cosmetics, some new locations on the map you haven't seen before, a few new customizations, and even a Black market for you to check out. You can download the update for Sea of Thieves today.

"Sea Of Thieves" Announces The New "Smuggler's Fortune" Update
Credit: Rare

New Adventures!

Starting with Smuggler's Fortune, the Bilge Rats' Mercenary Voyages will not only be free to accept but will allow you to actually earn Doubloons. This month's Rag and Bone voyages offer a special twist on Cargo Runs, setting crews on course for Shipwreck Bay to locate hidden crates which need delivering to various Seaposts. But beware: time is of the essence to get these to their destinations, and yours won't be the only crew heeding the call…

New Cosmetics and Customisations!

Get the pirate look you've always wanted with the introduction of the Pirate Emporium and Black Market.

The Pirate Emporium is a new premium store where pirates can acquire exclusive cosmetic items, emotes and pets using a new currency, Ancient Coins (purchasable through the Xbox store or directly in-game). Treat yourself to a loyal sidekick in the form of a pet parrot or monkey. Express yourself through a range of new emotes. Or show off your ship with unique liveries, beginning with the Bear & Bird livery set, inspired by Rare's beloved Banjo-Kazooie series.

Elsewhere, spend your hard-earned Doubloons on special cosmetics newly smuggled into Duke's Black Market, including variants of sets that were previously time-limited. This month gives players a chance to grab the Fearless Bone Crusher items, sure to appeal to anyone who missed the original set last year. If gold is all you have, Duke will accept that for some of his other ever-changing wares, starting this month with Deep Ocean Crawler weapons!

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