"Sea Of Thieves" Receives A New "Heart Of Fire" Update

Rare released details today about the latest update that's been added to Sea Of Thieves, as players will now be exploring the new treasures in Heart Of Fire. The new free update brings with it a fresh story as you'll get to play a new Tall Tale. Thus continuing the sagas of Pendragon and Captain Flameheart in the process. You'll get new weaponry, new missions, and a special challenge for Pirate Legends. You can check out the details here, as well as read a bit about it below and check out the trailer.

"Sea Of Thieves" Receives A New "Heart Of Fire" Update
Credit: Rare

Explore Evil's Domain

This latest Tall Tale picks up where The Seabound Soul (still available to play in-game) left off – with Sir Arthur Pendragon facing the aftermath of a previous misguided mission. To begin the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, talk to Tallulah in The Charred Parrot Tavern at Morrow's Peak Outpost, after which you'll hear about Pendragon seeking pirates to save the souls of his lost crewmates. With the unpredictable Stitcher Jim following the same trail deep into The Devil's Roar, and rumours spreading of Captain Flameheart conducting a dark ritual to rebuild his forces, it's time to find out just how much hot water the sailors of the Sea of Thieves are in! Brace your stoutest crewmates to brave a hostile new location, but beware of deadly traps set to punish unwelcome pirates.

Become a Legend Among Legends

Meanwhile, the Pirate Lord is ensuring that all Pirate Legends are ready for anything by offering a new Athena's Run Voyage! Only Legends can purchase this Voyage (though non-Legends can join in as part of their crew), available from Duke in exchange for a stack of Doubloons. The Athena's Run will see crews searching Thieves' Haven and its surrounding islands for new, valuable treasures which can be exchanged for not only gold but priceless Athena's Fortune reputation. This is going to be a real gauntlet to run and we're looking forward to seeing how the biggest and boldest veterans of the seas handle crossing paths – shall they sail together, or will we see a real clash of Legends?

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