Shadow Mamoswine Shakes The Pokémon GO Meta

There is a new Shadow Pokémon on the scene and it is one that you're going to want in your collection. It's not one of the Team GO Rocket leaders' new Shadows, either. It's a Pokémon you can catch after battling a common Grunt. This new Shadow Pokémon, which is about to shake the meta, is Mamoswine!

Mamoswine in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mamoswine in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Until now, Ground-types were relatively under-represented in Team GO Rocket's Shadow Pokémon. This is significant because of Shadow Bonus, a feature in Pokémon GO that increases a species' base Attack stats by a whopping 20% in their Shadow form. This makes the Shadow version of a Pokémon more powerful in many cases than a 100% IV Pokémon, as having a full score of fifteen. Attack just adds fifteen points to that Attack stat. For example, Mamoswine's base Attack stat is 247. A 100% Mamoswine adds fifteen points to that, while a Shadow Mamoswine, without even considering its IVs, will multiply that stat by 20% while also decreasing the Defense. That means that it hits much, much harder while also taking more damage. This can be tough for PVP, but makes these Shadow Pokémon ideal for raiding, as your Pokémon are going to get knocked out quickly during raids anyway.

For example, Shadow Mamoswine is now immediately the best Ground-type attacker in the game after its release just a couple of days ago. It came out at the tail end of Raikou's stay in raids and, upon release, became the top counter to Raikou. Amazingly, it is now also the best Ice-type attacker in the game. Head over to this Rayqauza counters guide which simulates battle by calculating the stats of the species, all in effort to create the best possible counters list.

This list has Shadow Mamoswine as the number one Rayquaza counter as well.

Shadow Mamoswin is also the number one Zekrom counter.

Not since the release of Shadow Metagross has such a useful Shadow been released, so take advantage while Rocket battles are boosted, fellow Pokémon GO trainers. Catch your Shadow Swinubs by encountering the Grunt who says "You'll be defeated into the ground."

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