Short Switch Trips With Protection In The Premium Console Case

The last of the items we received for review from PDP is the Premium Console Case for the Nintendo Switch. A lot of people would argue that you can just throw your Switch into your backpack and go without needing one, but for people who can't shill out another $300 after breaking their system, these kinds of cases become needed. So what it really comes down to is what can it carry and how protective is it? We put the case through some testing to see just what it can do.


First off, much like the backpack we reviewed last week, this case is made from a soft canvas material in a dark gray pattern. If feels soft to the touch and you can feel a thin layer of padding on the inside. It isn't the kind of padding that could withstand a heavy blow, bit it can take a bit of damage being knocked or handled. While the material feels nice, it isn't really water resistant. It will get slightly absorbed, but not soaked. It won't leak through but it will feel damp if you get it in the rain or spill something on it. The bright side is that the contents will at least stay dry. The last feature on the outside is a strap that has a detachable hook, so you can hook it onto other rings or wrap it around your wrist so a little extra security.


Inside you have a net protector with an elastic band at the top to slip the console with both joy-cons attached. The net keeps the switch firmly in place so that even shaking the case around will keep it in one spot. The slight drawback is pulling the Switch out as the joy-cons don't like to play nice with the band and net and will occasionally snag onto it. A nice bonus is that the net is made from a nice nylon that won't damage or scratch up the screen.


The top half of the case had 14 slots for you to store cartridges to take with you. While the design is sound and keeps them secure, it is a pain to fit them in and take them out since the material has been sewn so tightly together. So while they're super protective, they're also a hassle. Plus, it doesn't help that unless you immediately recognize what the top of the game is, the most you see is the Switch logo and a little bit of the art, so you have to pull them out to see which game you're playing.


The case also comes with a Switch cleaning cloth. While it's a nice addition, it isn't all that necessary. Granted, the Switch doesn't come with anything to take care of it. (What company would? If you break it you buy a new one.) But at this point, I think most anyone who has a cell phone or tablet device has one of these cloths. I'm not going to insult it (and it is cool to have a cloth with the logo on it), but it seems like a weird add-on. Not an advantage but not a hinderance, either.


Overall, it's a nice case for when you're on-the-go and just want to take it somewhere for a couple hours. Maybe to school or during lunch. It isn't an all-in-one kind of case that stores cables (like the charger), but it makes for a nice case to keep it safe with your other stuff. It's far better than many of the other cases on the market that are just plastic shells that could break open, and for that, we do recommend checking it out to buy.

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