SNK Releases A Teaser Trailer For The King Of Fighters XV

In a weird little piece of marketing business, SNK decided to tease a teaser for a teaser for The King Of Fighters XV. Yes, you read that correctly. The company released the video we have for you below showing off an introduction from the series producer Yasuyuki Oda and the creative director Eisuke Ogura, talking about the upcoming fighting game. To a degree. The five-minute video is one long setup to tell you when the teaser video will be released for the game. Which, according to a few other media sources online, won't even be the full teaser trailer for the game, it's going to be one of those small announcement videos with a bunch of text on the screen and five seconds of footage promoting a release window. If that's all true, that is some Grade-A level of Inception-level marketing.

The main title logo for The King Of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.
The main title logo for The King Of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.

You can enjoy the video below which does have some fun stuff to look at including sketch designs of Shun'ei, Benimaru Nikaido, and Kyo Kusanagi as they will appear in the game. Maybe. We don't know for certain yet, because these are sketches. See, even the actual info from the company for this one is a teaser since sketches are not considered full representations of the final product. Anyway, the ultimate news from it is that the trailer after this one will be released on January 7th, 2021. On top of that, it looks like we're also getting some Samurai Shodown news for new character reveals happening as they delve into the Season 3 Pass for that game on the same date. So the teaser will also be sharing space with an announcement for a different game. Did you get all that? Good. Now enjoy the teaser's teaser's trailer.

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