Unique Social Gay RPG Gaydorado Fills an Odd Niche

Unique Social Gay RPG Gaydorado Fills an Odd Niche

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CocoBear's social gay RPG Gaydorado fills a very odd niche for gaming. It's a social RPG, which makes it the sort of game normally targeted toward women, but the target audience here is gay men. Gaydorado claims to be the first RPG designed exclusively for the LGBT+ community, and that very well may be true. But it's mostly just for the G in LGBT. You can't choose to be a lesbian, trans, bi, or any other letter that falls under the queer umbrella.

However, it certainly fulfills its promise of being a social gay RPG. The game has all the usual RPG progression amd character creation aspects. And its certainly a social game — it focuses on fashion, your place in society, and your dating life. So its a proper hybrid game.

Unique Social Gay RPG Gaydorado Fills an Odd Niche

Because Gaydorado is a mobile game, all the exploration, progression, and dating aspects are on the lighter side of things. Objectives are relatively easy, and the story is pretty lighthearted.

Oh, and did I mention it includes combat? Yeah. You get to crush some skulls in a social RPG. Thats pretty unique, and the combat — while simple — is fun.

Unique Social Gay RPG Gaydorado Fills an Odd Niche

Like any game, it has bugs. Mostly I ran into connection issues, but there have been reports of issues with the in-app purchase system.

In short, Gaydorado is an enjoyable diversion with a unique flair. It fills a pretty specific niche, but if there's ever a place for a social gay rpg, mobile is it In fact, I'd argue that the specifics of the game, its unapologetically gay narrative and hybrid nature, are what makes it so enjoyable in the first place. Most of what you get in Gaydorado can be found elsewhere. The actual content, the mix of styles, and the LGBT+ focus can't.

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