SOMA Has Sold 500,000 Units Pulling The Game Into Profit


While a lot of people will attribute Frictional Games with Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I believe SOMA is a better game. The experience is really worth exploring, and parts of it still stick with me to this day.

That is why I'm happy to hear the the game is now in the green. In a rather candid post, Frictional Games revealed that the game has sold 500,000 units. This comes at a relief to the studio it seems as they weren't always sure that the game would make money. It seems the game went through a relatively massive budget, and Frictional had concerns about the audience reaction to it being a less focused on scares and getting chased compared to Amnesia.

The post said:

Despite a bloated budget and tough sell, here we are a year later having earned back every single dime spent. And not only that; we earned well past the break-even point! The project was a big success and we are able to keep doing games with scope and quality comparable to SOMA. In fact, our goal is to aim higher still.

This is great news, because good games deserve to make money. It doesn't always happen, but I am very happy that it has for SOMA. Frictional are a talented studio, and I can't wait to see more from them.