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"Amnesia: Rebirth" Has a "More Crazy" Project in the Works

If you thought Frictional Games' previous Amnesia projects were terrifying, you haven't seen anything yet. In a new interview with Vice, co-founder and creative director Thomas Grip indicated that what the team is currently working on is going to be "more crazy" than a sequel to Amnesia. "We started wanting to make a sequel to […]

Frictional Games Announces "Amnesia: Rebirth" For Fall 2020

Frictional Games Announces "Amnesia: Rebirth" For Fall 2020

Frictional Games finally revealed what all the noise was about today as they announced Amnesia: Rebirth is the next game they're releasing. The series returns as you head back down some very dark paths, picking up right where Amnesia: The Dark Descent left off. There's not a lot of details about the game beyond the […]

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Frictional Games Is Revealing Their Next Project Soon

If you've been wondering what Frictional Games is working on, don't worry, you're not alone. But it sounds like there may be a reveal happening soon. The company has released a brand new set of videos, which you can check out below, showing them going through and finding a box in a mine of some […]

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Frictional Games Drops Another Teaser Trailer For A New Game

Frictional Games have dropped another new trailer this week teasing a game they're working on that has yet to be announced. Since December the devs have been showing off clips for something new, but have yet to really put any description to the content. The latest trailer called "I am Tasi", who seems to be […]

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Frictional Games Is Now Teasing Their Next New Game

Frictional Games, the studio behind the indie hit SOMA, have started teasing a brand new video game on the way, even though we don't know what it is. They even have a website for it, simply called But when you go to the website, you're simply greeted by a blinking white dot. You can […]

GOG is Giving Away SOMA for Free This Weekend

This seems to be the weekend for free stuff, and the latest on the block is another awesome indie title with Frictional Games' SOMA. Until 6am tomorrow (December 30th), you can pick up the game on absolutely free. If you've never played SOMA, it's one of the best horror story games you'll experience as it has […]

Frictional Games Announces Amnesia: Collection for Xbox One with Hard Mode

Frictional games made an announcement this weekend letting fans know that Amnesia: Collection would be coming to Xbox One with an extra goodie. The game will be getting Hard Mode, which will be added to the Xbox and PC versions after the console release on September 28th as a way to up the ante for players […]

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Pick Up a Free Copy of the Amnesia Collection, Courtesy of Humble Bundle

The Amnesia Collection is currently free to pick up with no strings attached via Humble Bundle. Amnesia: The Dark Descent at this point I think it is safe to say is a horror classic in games. The title is often one of the first people think to when they think about modern horror games. It came […]

SOMA Has Sold 500,000 Units Pulling The Game Into Profit

While a lot of people will attribute Frictional Games with Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I believe SOMA is a better game. The experience is really worth exploring, and parts of it still stick with me to this day. That is why I'm happy to hear the the game is now in the green. In a […]

SOMA Gets An Accolades Trailer On Top Of Good Sales Figured

SOMA really is a phenomenal experience. You can read my glowing review here if you haven't any idea what it is about, I suggest heading there or just picking the game up blindly. It's great. It's why I'm very glad to hear that the game is doing well. In a blog post, developer Frictional Games has […]

SOMA Review – Are We Human, Or Are We Cancer?

[This review explores a few themes that some might consider minor spoilers] I've long pondered the concept of downloading consciousness, and preserving it within a digital space. It's a huge idea, but one that makes sense provided that 'souls' can be transferred into downloadable data. It could be a way for a scientific afterlife to […]

SOMA Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Its Launch

I'm really quite excited for SOMA. This is the new game by Amnesia developer Frictional Games, meaning that the title has quite a big pedigree to live up to. Amnesia is one of the horror classics of the last decade, so that is a lot of pressure to live up to. Up until now, things […]

SOMA Trailer Hints At The Horrors That Hide Beneath The Depths

I can't wait for SOMA. I'm a big fan of the deep ocean as a horror setting, and knowing that the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Decent are running with the idea is comforting (in horrific and scary ways of course). One of the big things that will no doubt bring the screams though is […]

SOMA Gets A Trailer The Hints At The Story Ever So Slightly

SOMA, the new game from Amnesia: The Dark Decent maestros Frictional Games, has really snuck up on me. There hasn't been a ton of fanfare surrounding the title, but that may be by design. I'm hoping this comes as another big surprise from the studio due to the subdued marketing. Thus far, we really don't […]

Amnesia Developer's Next Game SOMA Is Nearly Content Complete

Amenisa: The Dark Descent remains a horror classic, several years after its release. The game is still probably one of the most scary in the last 10 years or so, and it's still a staple of any budding Let's Player's career, Developer Frictional Game's next game is not far off either. SOMA is set to […]

Amensia Developer's SOMA Brings The Horror Underwater In This Trailer

Amnesia was a huge deal when it came out a couple years ago. It seemed to revive horror in games, which had been seriously flagging. It was a breath of fresh air in the space and now has taken on a legendary status in the genre. The game's developers Frictional Games have a new game […]