Something The Witcher Based Is Getting Revealed Today

Something based on The Witcher is getting announced today, although as to what, it isn't too clear.

The witcher geralt
credit//CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3, while it's long shadow is ever present, is supposedly finished in terms of content with CD Projekt RED are all steam ahead on Cyberpunk 2077. That game is one of the most anticipated games currently on the future slate, so the developer has a lot of work to do to meet expectation. I'm not sure anyone is expecting new Witcher content, but that does make this next announcement interesting.

The Witcher Twitter account has tweeted out that we should expect some kind of announcement involving the series today. Last night, the tease came through and it was suitably cryptic, hinting that something combat based was on the way. It said:

Now, let's keep expectations in check here. I really do not think we should expect an announcement for The Witcher 4 or even remasters of the first or second game. I really do believe The Witcher 3 is done in terms of content too, so I'm not expecting to hear news about new DLC either. The likely outcome? The previously teased news that Geralt is stepping outside of a his own franchise. My bet would be on a guest appearance in Soul Calibur 6, which seems to make the most sense in terms of upcoming games that have an affinity for guest characters. That isn't certain though, and we will be sure to keep you up to date with what's coming.