Spaceflight Simulator Will Release In Early Access In January

Developer and publisher Stefo Mai Morojna announced that they will be releasing Spaceflight Simulator into Early Access next year. The game will have you building your own ships from blueprint to concept to model to flight, all using real-to-life engineering skills boiled down to their simplest form so you can have some fun making whatever rockets you feel like sending into space. All in the name of exploration and discovery beyond the stars. Currently, the game is set to be released on January 25th for $12, provided it isn't delayed at any point. You can check out the announcement trailer below as we wait for it to come out.

Spaceflight Simulator Will Come To Early Access In Q1 2022
Credit: Stefo Mai Morojna

Put together a space program from scratch to explore the solar system and reach the vast unknown. Build finely crafted rockets from essential parts, including propulsion systems, fairings, capsules, and more, and aim for the stars. Scientifically accurate rocket physics paves the way for realistic flight sequences, where it will take more than one attempt to get the first rocket in orbit. Land on planets in a solar system realistically sized to simulate the grand scale of celestial objects, with accurate terrains, climates, and gravity pulls for a true-to-life experience. Aspiring astronomers can oversee a maiden voyage to the Earth's Moon before taking off to Mars, Mercury, and beyond.

Android and iOS players have sent a combined 300 million rockets to space, and more than 30,000 are part of an active and helpful Discord server to help new rocketeers get their bearings. Included with the Spaceflight Simulator Steam Early Access launch is the Parts, Skins, Planets and Bundle DLC. Already available as a paid DLC for mobile, the content update allows explorers to survey Jupiter and its four moons right off the bat alongside new parts for rocket-building and exclusive ship skins for the PC version.

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