Square Enix's Latest Octopath Traveler Trailer Focuses on Job Classes

This morning, we got a new but brief look at Octopath Traveler during Square Enix's showcase stream headed into E3 tomorrow. The trailer for the game lasts no more than a total of 45 seconds, and in that time we're introduced to the eight different job classes you can choose to play as in the game. They are: Cleric, Scar, Merchant, Warrior, Dancer, Apothecary, Thief, and Hunter.

What brief little bit we can glean from this before we actually get a chance to play it this week is that you'll be able to choose your specific vocation as your primary job, but you won't be able to switch out of it as it will tie your job to the story you play.

Square Enix's Latest Octopath Traveler Trailer Focuses on Job Classes
credit//Square Enix

You'll be able to pick secondary jobs, as seen by the menu screen in the trailer, but it appears (for now) that once you choose a vocation, that's what you are for the rest of the game. It also shows that you'll be roaming around as a party of four, which is a nice throwback to older Final Fantasy titles. Obviously, Square Enix and Nintendo are not revealing too much before people get to try it out in the showroom floor, so we hope to have more for you on Octopath Traveler later this week.

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