Square Enix To Reveal Their E3 2020 Lineup Between July & August

Apparently, Square Enix's plans for E3 2020 will be coming out slowly over the next two months, according to a new report. According to multiple sites, during a recent stockholders meeting, a Q&A session prompted the team to talk about what their plans were for 2020 after E3 was canceled. Which lead to us finding out that the company will be doing several announcements over the next two months.

Normally, you announce new games at E3, but what are your plans this year with the changes due to coronavirus?

Yes, we normally do announce new games at E3. However, we did have plans to do a press conference as a replacement, but since the assets weren't ready, we were not able to hold the event. That said, we'll make individual title announcements later when the timing is right. We have plans to announce several [games] through July and August.

Square Enix will have a bunch of new announcements for the next two months.
Square Enix will have a bunch of new announcements for the next two months.

Back when E3 2020 was first canceled, Square Enix made it a point to say that would not be doing a live stream like so many other companies had chosen to do. Which at the time everyone assumed that meant they probably only had one or two games to talk about and nothing set in stone for what the rest of 2020 would bring beyond what was already out there after PAX East 2020. Now it sounds like the company had multiple games they were going to reveal and just ended up choosing not to do a stream as the announcement vehicle. Probably because they didn't want to be caught in the clutter of everyone else's June announcements, which has been a cluster to cover. No word yet on when the first reveal will be as of when this is being written, but now that the word is out, here's hoping they say something in the next week or so.

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