Star Citizen Is Adding The Mercury Star Runner For Test Flights

Cloud Imperium Games revealed today that Star Citizen will be getting a highly-anticipated ship added to the Test Fly system. The devs are putting the Mercury Star Runner into the game today, totally free for everyone to try out. This ship is designed to be a smuggler's dream as you can hide cargo, pilot it quickly, and live a pretty comfortable life on board as if it were a pleasure ship. The reveal of the ship is one of many events that the team has planned for the in-game event called the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2950. The event will allow you to jump in and try out over 100 in-game vehicles for free 48-hour Test Fly trial runs, as new players can take advantage of the program to download and play the game for free from now until the final day of the IAE 2950 expo on December 2nd, 2020. You can read a little bit more about the ship below as well as check out a trailer of it in action. Considering how short the event is, this maybe your only chance to try it out before it'll end up costing you real-world cash to actually use it.

A look at the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen, courtesy of Cloud Imperium.
A look at the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen, courtesy of Cloud Imperium.

Introducing the Mercury Star Runner, the first ship to debut from manufacturer Crusader Industries. With its weaponry, speed, and style, the Mercury checks every box expected of a best-in-class courier vessel. Built with the same engineering and design principals that have made Crusader the go-to manufacturer for galactic transport on any scale, the Star Runner chassis sets new standards for data and cargo conveyance. The Mercury Star Runner also features a secret storage compartment, which may explain why this class of ship has gained a reputation as the vessel of choice for some of the galaxy's most notorious criminals and smugglers.

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