Star Citizen To Launch Assault On Stanton Dynamic Event

Cloud Imperium Games revealed the next battle to come to Star Citizen as the Assault On Stanton dynamic event will happen this week. The team is calling on all pilots to join the fight against the terrorist organization known as XenoThreat, in what will be the game's first-ever, server-wide dynamic event. According to them, this one will be unmatched in size, scope, and scale for any prior event that has ever dropped into the game, as this one will feature multiple phases scheduled to play out over multiple days. Pilots will have to band together and rally to the defense of the Stanton System as it will be bombarded with attacks throughout the entire event. This will also be the first time Star Citizen pilots will have the chance to join forces with the UEE Navy. Meaning you'll be able to join up and lead assaults against enemy capital ships in what will be large-scale encounters featuring AI controlled fleets including capital ships. You can check out a trailer for it below along with a small snippet of news from the devs about what they have planned over the next month for the game.

Best of luck to you during the Assault On Stanton, courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.
Best of luck to you during the Assault On Stanton, courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.

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