Steam Now Tells You How Much You've Spent On Games

Have you ever been curious as to how much money you've spent on games on Steam? Well, now you can find out exactly how much. in one of the most bizarre additions ever found on the gaming platform, users discovered a brand new link where you can log in and see how much you've purchased from Steam in your entire lifetime using their service. To be very blunt about the situation, we're totally confused as to why this is here. The closest we could guess is to manage finances and so a little book balancing, but even that seems a bit off.

steam online gamers

Oddly enough, the new service has garnered a bit of a cult following on Reddit where people are showing off how much they have spent. Some bragging about spending about $800 on over 600 games, others bragging that they've spent a total of $1 in 13 years. Our favorite that we saw was "As a poor college student who also works full time… $2,451… for the past decade though!" We looked it up ourselves and found the total interesting, but to see how much we spent this entire time as a game reviewer, and how much we could actually probably write off on our taxes as a business expense. But that's just us.

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