Stranded: Alien Dawn To Receive Major Update December 1st

Frontier Foundry announced this morning that they will be releasing the first major update for Stranded: Alien Dawn this week. The game is currently sitting in Early Access on Steam, allowing you to play a limited version of the game. This new update, which we're just considering them upgrading the game, will include a number of new additions to the way you can survive, as well as mechanical updates, some new aliens and landscapes, and more. We have the rundown from the devs below of what to expect when it launches into the game on December 1st, 2022.

Stranded: Alien Dawn
Credit: Frontier Foundry

"Early access players can explore the Desertum biome, a new alien environment that brings unique challenges. Desertum's rocky, orange-hued landscape is home to scarce plant life and low soil quality, requiring a strategic approach to ensure marooned survivors can truly thrive. With its own native flora and fauna, as well as unpredictable weather events including dust storms, players must utilize the resources within Desertum to make it through the wet and dry seasons and evolve their surroundings from a crash site into a bustling base."

"Alongside a striking new biome, players can now select a new survivor, Sora, to their group as part of the update. Her difficult desert past has hardened her to heatwaves and cold snaps, while enhanced combat skills may prove vital during attacks from deadly alien wildlife such as the reptilian Tecatli, which pose additional threats to survival. Three new moons will also be gracing the skies of Stranded: Alien Dawn as part of the update, each with a distinct impact on gameplay. The presence of Jason provides survivors with plenty of adversity but offers ample time for them to prepare and recover from events; Nyx influences wildlife to attack more frequently during the hours of darkness; while Chaos lives up to its namesake, with unpredictable events all but guaranteed."

"In addition, the Dunes and Moons Update introduces two new difficulty levels designed to challenge even the most adept of survival strategists. Very Hard and Insane difficulties will allow practiced players looking to test themselves the ultimate opportunity to prove their skills. Players will also have the chance to unlock five new achievements as their survivors grapple with their harsh new surroundings."

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