Streamer Broadcasts UFC Pay-Per-View on Twitch by Pretending It's a Game

So, this is clever, albeit (probably) illegal. Saturday night, streamer AJ Lester managed to broadcast the entire UFC 218 pay-per-view on Twitch. The way he did it? He pretended he was playing the fight.

Image courtesy of EA

The stream is timely with UFC 3 beta live over the weekend, and the streamer capitalised on the beta and pay-per-view overlapping. At a glance, it looks like a typical stream set up with a game being played and the host in the corner noodling away on a controller. Except, if you took the time to watch, you'd realise that this wasn't the beta for UFC 3, but rather the real deal. You can see an example of it happening in this now viral tweet, where Lester is seen reacting to UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and Jose Aldo's fight.

What the ramifications of this will be remain unseen. The video has been taken down from VoD, but as of yet, it doesn't seem like UFC or Twitch have been in contact over the stream. That said, this seems a pretty big breach of terms of service and, like, the law.