Super Mario Party Makes its Debut on the Nintendo Switch This Year

During their E3 presentation, Nintendo announced the return of the party game favourite series Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party has always been a bit of a love it or hate it series. Some will swear by the game, others will curse it to the ends of the earth. The mini-game collection by way of a boardgame mixes skill with a whole lot of luck, that either tormented or delighted you in your early years.

Well, the series is making its comeback now, finally making the jump to Nintendo Switch. The game was shown off during Nintendo's E3 press conference, and some really neat ideas. There was a mini-game that used two Nintendo Switch screens and others that used the Joy-Cons. The Switch could most certainly be used in a lot of interesting ways, and Nintendo has a pretty great track record of utilising their console's gimmicks. You can catch the trailer here:

The game isn't too far away either. It was announced that the title will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018. Make sure to get you and a couple buddies into rage at the unfair dice rolls and nonsense stars given out willy-nilly. Here's hoping it gives the lovers of the series what they want.


October 5