Take A Look At The Tinker In Mirage: Arcane Warfare


Torn Banner Studios has released another new trailer today focusing on one of the classes available in the upcoming Mirage: Arcane Warfare. This particular video spotlights the Tinker class.

According to the press release that was put out with the video, the Tinker is "a street-smart rascal with a wit as sharp as her sabre, uses her diminutive size, speed and cunning to control the battlefield with trap spells while keeping opponents constantly on their toes – or off them!" So, a trickster rogue with traps, basically.


Definitely a fun one, this character will be combining magic and close-quarters melee. Some of the class's key abilities include:

  • Hook Shot – Shoot a hook that pulls an enemy towards you
  • Stasis – Fire a projectile that lifts an enemy up in the air, taking them out of the fight briefly
  • Proximity Mine – Place a mine that explodes when enemies come close
  • Obelisk – Call forth an obelisk as a defensive structure, then explode it on command
  • Dervish – Perform a quick evasive jump followed by a stab with a powerful lunge
  • Kickflip – A quick kick that creates a large distance between you and your target

Watching the Tinker in action is a bit trippy with all the flipping and running, but that's what happens when you DPS too hard. The video is below and showcases all of the key abilities detailed above.

You can check out one of Mirage's other classes, The Vigilist, here. You can also look at the gameplay video released during PAX East here, or take a look at the closed beta details here.

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