Team17 Has Released A PC Demo For Super Magbot

Team17 and developer Astral Pixel has released a brand new demo of their upcoming game Super Magbot for PC. If you haven't been able to check the game out yet, this is a precise 2D platformer where your skills will be put to the test, but it comes with a bit of a twist as you cannot jump. Like, at all! It will be up to you to use magnetic powers to traverse and complete every level with your speed and skills. All of which has been presented in a classic 16-bit presentation that will take you back to the glory days of the SNES. The game looks really awesome and is presented in a way where the mechanics feel fresh and not too overbearing. You can head to the Steam page at the link above to download the demo, which is absolutely free to try. The game will be released sometime in 2021, but a timeframe hasn't been locked down yet.

If there's one thing that the future in Super Magbot has, it's magnets everywhere you go. Courtesy of Team17.
If there's one thing that the future in Super Magbot has, it's magnets everywhere you go. Courtesy of Team17.

The system of Magnetia is in great peril as an evil villain tears through the galaxy. It's all down to one robot explorer to save the day – Magbot! Armed with the power to control both positive (red) and negative (blue) magnetic polarities, Magbot must navigate through a myriad of challenging platforming environments to save his home planet of MagTek.

  • Use Magnetic Force to Attract: Use the power of magnetic attraction to pull yourself towards platforms and across perilous pitfalls.
  • Use Magnetic Force to Repel: Magbot is too heavy to jump! Luckily you can use the power of magnetic repulsion to boost yourself through the air!
  • Collect Star Fragments: Master each level by collecting hard-to-reach star fragments that unlock additional challenges.
  • Enjoy Classic Gaming Vibes: With vibrant 16-bit style pixel art and an energetic chiptune soundtrack by Moonsailor.

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