Teppen Celebrates Second Anniversary With Dragons Of War

Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment are celebrating Teppen's second anniversary with the latest update bringing in Dragons Of War. The event brings in iconic characters and monsters from the Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter Riders series, as they will join the fray for the game's birthday bash. We got everything they are including in this celebration for you here as the team sent out a ton of details of activities you can get involved with. But get on it soon as it will only last a few weeks!

Teppen Celebrates Second Anniversary With Dragons Of War
Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

Dragons Of War

The new "Dragons of War" expansion introduces characters from the Monster Hunter Riders and Breath of Fire series, including Ryu, Nina, Garr, and more! Nina will also appear as a new EX Skin for Jill Valentine, and can be found in special 2nd Anniversary Packs in the Shop. Spice up your strategy with the new ability Quest. When a Unit gains a level, the status will increase, and an effect activates to obtain an Action Card. Clear these conditions to gain the upper hand in battle!

Teppen 2nd Anniversary

Hot new looks are here! All players will get one free Skin Pack Ticket and are guaranteed one unobtained skin. Dress up for the birthday festivities with these new Hero Skins:

  • Shiba Inu (Amaterasu)
  • Black Melynx (Felynx)
  • White Dress (Ada Wong)
  • Leopard Armor (Oichi)

Until August 31, players can obtain 50 Pack Tickets for the 2nd Anniversary. This includes:

  • 10 "Dragons of War" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "Ace vs. The People" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "A Dark Agenda" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "CORE" Pack Tickets

Brand new players will get an additional 50 Pack Tickets for a total of 100!

  • 10 "Adventures of a Tiny Hero" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "A Dark Agenda" Pack Tickets
  • 10 "Ace vs. The People" Pack Tickets

Encourage your friends to take a break from the sun by gifting decks with two "First Time Souls Free" resets. Even players who have already sent decks can give decks Soul-free up to two times. There will be two resetting periods, with the first starting today and the second on 8/2. From today until July 11, only 1,500 souls are needed for gifting decks—half of its original cost! There's also a special sale discounting the Season Pass from 980 Jewels down to only 10 Jewels! The 2nd Anniversary Jewel Set 1 will also be available as a limited one-time purchase. This unique set contains:

  • 4,900 Jewels
  • 8 "2nd ANNIVERSARY Pack 1" Tickets
  • A "2nd ANNIVERSARY" Icon

Be sure to check out the four different types of Anniversary Packs containing Skins & Secret Cards throughout the event!

  • Available from July 4 – 20, the 2nd Anniversary Pack 1 contains the new Nina EX Skin, seven other Skins, and Secret Cards.
  • Available from July 20 to August 5, players will have a higher chance of getting Secret Cards with the 2nd Anniversary Pack 2.

Now's the perfect time for new players to join Teppen with the New Player Campaign. New players who clear these campaign missions will be rewarded up to 6,000 Jewels. Even veteran players will get the 6,000 Jewels, if their friends added via "Friend Invitation" complete the missions!

New Battle Mode & Rotation

A new Battle Mode will be added to Unlimited in August. Using all Card Sets, players are challenged to collect as many points as they can and aim for higher floors in Point Match. Points can be exchanged for items and new Supplemental Cards, which can't be obtained with Card Packs. A new Supplemental Card can be exchanged for points each month. Beginning in October, multiple Supplemental Cards will be available in the Soul Shop. Every month will deliver a new experience for Teppen players! A new rotation also starts today, removing the "Haunted by Memories" Card Pack from Standard. Moving forward, every time a new Card Pack is added, the oldest Card Pack will be rotated out. The following Card Packs are unusable in Standard:

  • Haunted by Memories
  • The Devils Awaken
  • The Force Seekers


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