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Dino Crisis Jumps Into Teppen For Jurassic Rampage Event
GungHo Online Entertainment has added a new Capcom game to Teppen as Dino Crisis arrives for a new event The event is called Jurassic Rampage and it will feature Regina from Dino Crisis teaming up with Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 as the two will be fighting multiple prehistoric creatures and try to uncover just[...]
Teppen Launches New Event As Resident Evil Takes Over
GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a new event into Teppen this morning as many villains from Resident Evil have taken over In what is comically being called Super Spooky Village, you'll be getting a creepy crusade as they introduce new characters from Resident Evil Village and Ghosts' n Goblins in a special mashup update along with characters[...]
Teppen’s Genma Onslaught Event Officially Starts Today
GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new update for Teppen as they have kicked off the new Genma Onslaught today Now you too can be a part of an epic battle against evil as you'll be able to fight against a demon horde with characters from Onimusha and Monster Hunter Rise[...]
Teppen Releases Latest Update Called Defying The Light
GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a new update into Teppen as the ultimate battle has begun in Defying The Light In this latest update, the War of the Goddess rages on in the Land of Illusion, and as usual, it is up to this ragtag bunch of Capcom heroes to face off against hee Goddess[...]
Teppen Receieves New Update With Latest War of the Goddess Episode
GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new update for Teppen, as The War of the Goddess event continues with a new episode The latest episode has been called Breath Of Resistance, which serves as the second piece to a three-part arc, in which the heroes will have to band together to defy the Goddess Myria[...]
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GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new update for Teppen as players can now experience the Mission Of Ruin in the game The update brings back the Goddess Myria to the game, and with her comes a brand new card pack by which the update is named after This particular update will be the start[...]
Teppen Celebrates Second Anniversary With Dragons Of War
Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment are celebrating Teppen's second anniversary with the latest update bringing in Dragons Of War The event brings in iconic characters and monsters from the Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter Riders series, as they will join the fray for the game's birthday bash We got everything they are including in this celebration for you here[...]
Ace Attorney Has Been Added To Teppen For A Special C
The world of Teppen is in for a lot of legal issues as the cast of Ace Attorney have dropped into the game for a special event The latest update to the game has added "Ace vs The People", which brings in characters from the Ace Attorney and Dead Rising series to testify in the Teppen courtroom[...]
Resident Evil’s Ada Wong Joins Teppen As The Latest Hero
Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment have added Resident Evil's Ada Wong to Teppen as the game's latest hero The character will officially join the game on March 1st, 2021, with the next expansion, A Dark Agenda, when the game's Heroes assemble in the Land of Illusion That expansion will see two important additions in having all[...]
Oichi Is The Latest Capcom Character Added To Teppen
GungHo Online Entertainment has added a new character and more to the latest update for Teppen with Oichi from Sengoku BASARA Oichi comes to the game in the latest expansion called "The Battle of Amatsu No Kuni", which also introduces new cards, abilities, and the game's latest hero You can read more about it below[...]
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GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom announced today the Teppen World Championship 2020 will take place on December 26th The game has been playing tournaments online for the majority of the year as it too was no exception to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing players from around the world to compete from home But despite the restrictions,[...]
TEPPEN Adds Felyne To The Roster For One Year Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment added a new character to their roster this week as Felyne from Monster Hunter comes to TEPPEN The update had been teased for a while and it was pretty clear by all of the promos up until now that we were going to get a different kind of addition to the game[...]
GungHo's "Teppen" has hit the 3 Million Downloads Milestone
This week, GungHo Entertainment Online released new details of changes they've made to the 2020 TEPPEN World Championship The company released a new set of guidelines involving Tour Points, which will be used to determine rankings and standings for players These will determine whether or not you manage to make it into certain tournaments down[...]
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Coem cool news came out of the Teppen World Championship this weekend as we learned that Akuma will be coming in January He will join a new set of cards coming into the series called "The Force Seekers", bringing with him an aggressive style of gameplay The game will also be getting a brand new[...]
Nero From "Devil May Cry"is Headed To "TEPPEN" Soon
GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom revealed this week that Nero from Devil May Cry will be coming to TEPPEN with a new update The silver-haired hero will dive into the game with a couple of new abilities from a new pack called The Devils Awaken Also, depending on how often the trailer at the bottom[...]