TERA Moves Into MOBA Territory With TERA Battle Arena

Gameforge revealed this week that they're taking the TERA IP into the land of the MOBA's with their new game TERA Battle Arena. According to the devs, the TERA Battle Arena mode is new team-play match content that the main game will provide so that various heroes in the game can be added with their own kits over time. The goal is to provide a "fresh and unique feel" to the game's combat so that anyone can pop in and fight with their own style and character choices how they see fit. The game is currently being developed by Bluehole Studios, who we have a quote from the team below as they explain the game a little more. You can also check out the announcement trailer and get an idea of how the game will play out.

Who will you choose to fight with in TERA Battle Arena, courtesy of Gameforge.
Who will you choose to fight with in TERA Battle Arena, courtesy of Gameforge.

"Exploring TERA's world of Arborea and playing dungeons certainly is a unique and memorable experience, but we thought it would be great if even more players could experience some of the well-known TERA action in short sessions. Creating content focused on battles everyone can readily participate in without grinding for armor is one of the purposes of developing the TERA Battle Arena," according to Bluehole Studios.

"Since some newcomers found it somewhat challenging to understand and use TERA's dozens of skills, we simplified them and focused on making them intuitive to use. From the perspective of existing users, the heroes of TERA's world, which were only seen as NPCs, will provide a fresh experience when played on the battlefield. TERA Battle Arena is a new battle mode which will open up the game to a wider audience and allow all players to experience the excitement of TERA. Combined with TERA's trademark dungeon updates, we hope everyone can enjoy TERA's action and battle at any time, without delay."

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