The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds New Characters In July Update

Netmarble has dropped a brand new update into The King Of Fighters AllStar as you're getting both XV Shermie and Lady Choi Bounge. The update adds both of them into the mix, as well as battle cards, events, and more content that you'll be able to fight your way through. All of which is available right now as soon as you update the game. We have the complete rundown below of everything that's been added.

The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds New Character In July Update
Credit: Netmarble

XV Shermie (Red Element / Balance Type) iss a playable EX fighter. Her fighter attributes include an [Balance Type] Fighter's ATK increase of 60%. In addition, her Special Skill increases Critical Rate by 15% for 3 seconds upon landing an attack and resets upon landing Critical Hit. Also, she is immune to Freeze and Petrify. She activates the Standing Spin Kick when attacking targets that can't be grabbed.

Lady Choi Bounge (Green Element / Defense Type) is also newly added as an EX fighter. Her attributes include an [Extreme] fighter's ATK increase of 30%, and gains Power by 5% when killing an enemy. Her Special Skill includes immunity to Bleed and Fear. When attacked, there is a 30% chance to apply Fear to the attacker for 2 seconds (Cooldown: 14 seconds). Also, when landing a skill [Lower Vain Stab EX], there is a 40% chance to reset Active Skill Cooldown. (Cooldown: 13 seconds.)

New battle cards also have been added including the Shermie and Lady Choi Bounge Special Card, which offers a Special Skill to the fighter when equipped. The card increases ATK by 2%, Active Skill DMG by 4.5%, Critical DMG by 6%, and recovers HP by 8% upon usage. Additional new battle cards include a card set for Choi Bounge and option cards. The Collection Room is now available, where players can enjoy and exhibit badges and items they have obtained in the game. Players can celebrate the latest update by participating in various in-game events and obtain special rewards including:

  • King Of Fighters AllStars 4th Anniversary Festival: Those who login to the game daily can receive various bonus and in-game rewards.
  • 'Angel's Road Trip' Mini Game: Players can enjoy a mini game to earn rewards based on their final score.
  • Challenge Dungeon 'Band of Sisters': The dungeon will be available when the players obtain 'XV Shermie', or 'Lady Choi Bounge'. 'Band of Sisters' Dungeon can be played from stage 1 to 30, and players can get a clear reward once each stage has been cleared.
  • 3 Line Bingo!: Complete 3 rows to achieve bingo and get various rewards.
  • Shermie's Crafting Event: Collect Shermie's Coins to craft a BoS Star/Moon Imprint Stone Special Box or special battle cards.
  • Additional Events: Players can participate in other events including Event Codex and Rush Dungeon, etc.

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