The Liquidators Event To Launch In Battlefield 2042 On October 11th

Electronic Arts revealed their next event for Battlefield 2042 as The Liquidators will be making their way into the game on October 11th. EA DICE has created this new limited-time event that will turn a select few players into some of the scariest soldiers you'll come across, as you take on the role of a vicious hit squad. Your mission is to take out enemies in tighter playspaces, while also capturing key locations as you go, all set within prime close-quarters combat. We have some of the notes on the event below from the team, with the latest trailer, and finer notes at the blink above.

The Liquidators Event To Launch In Battlefield 2042 On October 11th
Credit: Electronic Arts


When a competitor threatens their business, the Dark Market sends their Liquidators – a vicious hit squad that specializes in "involuntary asset liquidation". Your job is to dissolve enemy squads from the Battlefield and capture areas critical to the Dark Market's bottom line. The Liquidators are here to get the job done. From tighter playspaces, smaller teams to infantry only, this 2-week only, mid-season event is prime close-quarters combat. Play your cards right and make the difference. Your squad will need it. Come join us as a vicious hit squad in time-limited The Liquidators Event between October 11-25, and earn unique rewards.


Play a smaller infantry-focused and fast-paced close-quarters variant of Conquest. You're pitted against opposing squads where you'll try to capture and hold three flags. Win the round by depleting the enemy tickets. Squad-based gameplay is going to be key here when attempting to retain control of objectives. Make ample use of Spawn Beacons, potential flank routes, and charge enemy-occupied objectives as a team. The more people on the objective when capturing, the faster the capture speed. We'll rotate the player count for Tactical Conquest during the event:

  • Week 1 – 8v8
  • Week 2 – 16v16

Tighter Playspaces: Fight to eliminate the competition on tight playspaces in Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal, and Stranded.

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