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The Pokémon TCG Debuts Celebrations Products In Zoom Livestream

The first physical products for Pokémon TCG's upcoming 25th-anniversary set, Celebrations, have been shown to be in hand by an employee of The Pokémon Company International. A presentation featuring these upcoming products was conducted via zoom at the Toy Insider's Sweet Suite trade show. Normally held in New York, the Toy Insider's Sweet Suite was held as a digital conference this year like many other conventions. Details about this were gleaned from attendees who have been encouraged by the Pokémon TCG, according to Pokebeach, to spread the word of what was shared on the conference.

Celebrations Pikachu figure collection Credit: Pokémon TCG
Celebrations Pikachu figure collection Credit: Pokémon TCG

Charmeleon Cards shared footage of the conference on their YouTube channel, writing:

Hello everybody! In today's video, I will show a exclusive sweet suite 2021 preview of the Celebrations product line. I hope you all enjoy and make sure to subscribe for more types of videos like this!

Disclaimer – This video is not confidential, it was from a blog event and they were A OK with me posting it. It was nothing confidential and they want people to know about the products. Sorry if I caused any problems!

The video, which can be watched here, includes real, in-person footage of the products that we'd seen revealed digitally earlier this month. The products were opened on the stream to showcase items including the Pikachu figure from the Premium Figure Collection, which is quite a hefty little chonk.

Here is a brief rundown of what the Pokémon TCG had to say about Celebrations:

  • "It's a love letter to the brand. It's a love letter to the fans."
  • "[Celebrations] allows us to share our excitement for this with all sorts of fans at this point: new and O.G."
  • "The Elite Trainer Box comes with a foil Greninja promo card." This was revealed on video to be a Greninja Star card, in the style many fans refer to as "Gold Star."
  • There will be a Pokémon Center Exclusive version of the box with more booster packs, continuing the trend that began with Chilling Reign and now continues through Evolving Skies and Celebrations.
  • As the Lance's Charizard V box was shown, "Everyone loves seeing Charizard do Charizard things." How true!
  • On the Pikachu figure: "The detail on this is fantastic as well. You can see the Gigantamax clouds around its tail. Its tail has this nifty frosted detail. Not going to lie, this is totally sitting on my desk when I take it back home."
  • On the Pikachu V-UNION: "There are 25 different versions of Pikachu in this overall art piece and each one is drawn by a different artist."

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