This Is The Zodiac Speaking Gets Pushed Back To October

A change in plans from Klabater and Punch Punk as the two have pushed the release of This Is The Zodiac Speaking back to October. No specific reason was given for the push, but all things considered in a COVID-19 state of gaming, we're guessing the game needed just a little more work, and the team was good to push back the date. We also now know that the game will receive additional support from Investigation Discovery, the official media partner for the game. You can read more about it below as the game will drop on PC and all three major consoles on October 15th, 2020.

What will you be able to uncover about the legendary killer? Courtesy of Klabater.
What will you be able to uncover about the legendary killer? Courtesy of Klabater.

Play as Robert Hartnell, a San Francisco journalist, who receives a phone call from the Zodiac greeting him with the memorable "Hello, this is the Zodiac speaking". This is the Zodiac Speaking is a thriller with elements of horror, stealth mechanics, detective mode and several endings to discover. The gloomy atmosphere of the game is achieved with the original, stylized graphics and film-like music. The co-author of the script to This is the Zodiac Speaking is Łukasz Orbitowski, one of the best Polish writers, laureate of the prestigious Paszporty Polityki award and nominated for the Nike award.

  • Discover the evidence-based story of America's most famous never caught serial killer
  • Experience the story from the perspective of a person who survived the attack of the psycho killer
  • Unravel the details of the murders during psychological sessions and in detective mode
  • Listen to the voices of victims and save their souls
  • Discover the alternative endings
  • Enjoy the atmospheric, film music
  • Travel to the vintage '70s and feel the climate of the past

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