Today Is Chill Drive Genesect Raid Hour #2 In Pokémon GO: August 2022

The second and final Chill Drive Genesect Raid Hour of the summer is happening tonight, Wednesday, August 17th, in Pokémon GO from 6 PM – 7 PM. During this time, most Gyms in the game will pop Tier Five raids featuring the Steel/Bug-type Mythical Pokémon. Now, if you have yet to get Chill Drive Genesect, be sure to do so tonight. Zacian and Zamazenta are on their way to take over Tier Five raids. They are arriving with the 2022 World Championships Event this week and they will stay in raids for the entire rest of August and will be the focus of the next two Raid Hours, respective. Let's get into some tips for tonight's raid hour.

Genesect in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Genesect in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • No Shiny!: In case you missed the update to last week's tips, please take note. Chill Drive Genesect cannot be Shiny. That was a mistake that was amended, and I'd hate to think anyone who saw the early version was still out there Shiny hunting!
  • Use our raid guide: Use Bleeding Cool's Chill Drive Genesect Raid Guide for Pokémon GO Players to build a team of counters. The basic top ten overall and then top ten bargain are:
    • Top overall:
      • Mega Charizard Y: Fire Spin, Blast Burn
      • Shadow Moltres: Fire Spin, Overheat
      • Shadow Apex Ho-Oh: Incinerate, Sacred Fire
      • Shadow Entei: Fire Fang, Overheat
      • Mega Charizard X: Fire Spin, Blast Burn
      • Shadow Charizard: Fire Spin, Blast Burn
      • Mega Houndoom: Fire Fang, Flamethrower
      • Shadow Typhlosion: Incinerate, Blast Burn
      • Reshiram: Fire Fang, Overheat
      • Chandelure: Fire Spin, Overheat
    • Non-Mega and non-Shadow counters:
      • Apex Ho-Oh: Incinerate, Sacred Fire++
      • Darmanitan: Fire Fang, Overheat
      • Blaziken: Counter, Blast Burn
      • Heatran: Fire Spin, Flamethrower
      • Moltres: Fire Spin, Overheat
      • Emboar: Ember, Blast Burn
      • Entei: Fire Fang, Overheat
      • Charizard: Fire Spin, Blast Burn
      • Flareon: Fire Spin, Overheat
      • Infernape: Fire Spin, Blast Burn

Best of luck, fellow Pokémon GO players.

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