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Tonight Is Tapu Bulu Raid Hour #1 In Pokémon GO: April 2022

Tonight is the second Raid Hour of April 2022 in Pokémon GO and it will feature a newly released Legendary Pokémon. We are still in the midst of the Alolan region reveal that is rolling out with the current Season of Alola. Currently, Tapu Bulu is featured in raids. Now, Pokémon GO's first-ever Tapu Bulu Raid Hour will take place tonight, Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 from 6 PM through 7 PM. During this time, most Gyms in the game will host Tier Five raids, all of which will feature the Alolan Legendary Tapu Koko which is a Green/Fairy-type. Using these tips, you can optimize your gameplay during this hour.

Tapu Bulu in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Tapu Bulu in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Play multiple Raid Hours: Raid Invites are fantastic for multiple reasons, with one of those reasons being the benefits during Raid Hour days. You can use social media to post your code (hashtag it #PokemonGO and #PokemonGORaids) and accept invites from international players so you can play Raid Hour all day in multiple different timezones via invites in Pokémon GO. Another impactful way to raid is to download and utilize PokeGenie, where you can queue up to raid and friend people who will invite you to one-off raids. During Raid Hour, the queue tends to go quite quickly.
  • Post your Friend code on social media: If you're having trouble finding real-life friends to play Pokémon GO with, head over to Twitter and post your friend code with the hashtags #PokemonGO #PokemonGORaids and #PokemonGOFriends. The invites will come in droves.
  • Poison-types: Tapu Bulu is a Grass/Fairy-type, which means that it has a double weakness to Poison-types. So get out your Mega Gengar, Victreebel, Roserade, Vileplume, Toxicroak, all those.

Best of luck raiding tonight, everyone. This may be a popular Raid Hour as Tapu Bulu just dropped in Pokémon GO yesterday, so have fun!

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