Tsioque is a Unique but Ultimately Forgettable Puzzler

Tsioque is a Unique but Ultimately Forgettable Puzzler
credit// OhNoo Studio

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Tsioque is a simplistic point-and-click puzzle game about a princess trapped in a castle. Unlike most games that fit in the "captured princess" sub-genre, Tsioque puts you in control of the titular princess as she escapes from imprisonment by an evil sorcerer.

While the appearance of the game might make you think its an easy puzzler, the game is surprisingly challenging. Some of the puzzles are a bit obtuse, and require several attempts to fully figure out, while others are simple enough to solve but require a great deal of manual dexterity and speed to pull off.

The game's clear weakpoint, however, is its art. The hand-drawn frame design works well, and is absolutely worth the effort put into painstakingly hand-crafting the whole game, but the style makes it occasionally difficult to navigate the stages that are 3D environments. Some areas don't give you a full range of motion, but the ones that do often look deceptively flat, and can cause you to make a fatal misstep. Which is unfortunate, because the art is one of the major factors Tsioque has going for it.

Tsioque is a Unique but Ultimately Forgettable Puzzler
credit// OhNoo Studio

The narrative is also not quite enthralling, though the story does have something of a novelty factor. I'll always be here for self-rescuing princesses, however, there's little else to draw you back into the game. Which means you're likely to turn off before you get to the heartwarming ending of the game.

What Tsioque does have is stability. The game is remarkably stable for an indie title, as I was unable to crash it, even while trying. The game's Steam page seems to agree with me, as well.

Unfortunately, that all adds up to a rather forgettable game. And that's a damn shame.

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