Twitch Streamer Drocho16 Accused of Sexual Harassment, Admits Guilt


Voice actress, musician, and Twitch Partner Elspeth Eastman used her Twitter feed yesterday as a platform to call out sexual harassment perpetrated by fellow Twitch streamer Drocho16. Eastman asserted that her motives were to emphasize how dehumanizing his behavior was and to alert her followers and friends because she would be "concerned to have this individual in any of my friends' communities."

Eastman alleges that Drocho16 drunkenly cornered her and repeatedly tried to kiss her over the weekend. "This weekend, a person who goes by Drocho16 on Twitch drunkenly cornered me in a hotel bathroom and kissed me repeatedly without consent. At the time, it was so jarring that I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to express how dehumanizing that felt," she typed.

In response to questions on his own feed, Drocho16 released a statement admitting to the incident.

That statement read, in part:

"I understand that I put them in a very uncomfortable position by doing what I did. Clearly I was 100% in the wrong and all that is being said to me is completely deserved. I apologize again for the inappropriate behavior."

Drocho16 has since taken down his Twitter account which released the statement, and his Twitch account has been de-activated.

His apology has been saved as a screenshot however.

Twitch Streamer Drocho16 Accused of Sexual Harassment, Admits Guilt

Eastman has since assured all of her fans that she is "doing fine" and that her intention was to use the experience to "embolden/assure those who have gone through similar situations."

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