Ubisoft Is Now Investigating Multiple Misconduct Allegations

After multiple allegations of misconduct have arisen at Ubisoft, the company has put two executives on leave and launched investigations. If you haven't been reading Twitter the past week or so, several women and men in the gaming industry have come out with hundreds of stories ranging from sexual harassment all the way to rape allegations from some of the biggest celebrities, developers, and companies. While many of them are simply posting their own experiences and not naming people specifically, there have been quite a few who have come out and accused very specific people. Today, Ubisoft decided to address the allegations within their own company. As Bloomberg reports, two vice presidents named Tommy François and Maxime Béland have been put on leave as the company is investigating the allegations, with both men having at least three each. Neither the company nor either individual would comment on the situation, as it is currently ongoing with no final decisions made yet.

Ubisoft will be investigating both men while on leave.
Ubisoft will be investigating both men while on leave.

The move is the latest in what has become a continuing trend of individuals being investigated or removed from positions of power after the #MeToo movement spread like wildfire throughout the gaming industry last weekend. As we speak, multiple streamers have been banned from Twitch due to allegations against them stemming from conventions and events. A couple of companies have lost clients who refuse to work with founders and managers who have been accused, which is a story we are still following. More info has come out about the IGN sexual harassment scandal that hit the company back in 2017, shedding new light on what took place at the company. Esports has had a share of players and broadcasters accused of misconduct. And now we're seeing some of the biggest companies on the planet, such as Ubisoft, start to take action within their own organization.

We'll keep you posted on how this story develops, along with others, as they arise with legal proceedings or statements from companies involved.

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