Fashion Week Event Begins In Pokémon GO For Longchamp Collaboration

The Fashion Week event begins in Pokémon GO today. This week-long celebration will tie into the Pokémon Company International's collaboration with Longchamp and will feature free avatar items in the shop. As this event kicks off, here's everything you need to know along with a few tips.

Graphic featuring the newly added costumed Pokémon. Credit: PokeMiners
Graphic featuring the newly added costumed Pokémon. Credit: PokeMiners

The dataminers known as "PokeMiners" have found the above assets added to Pokémon GO and have created this awesome graphic breaking it all down. All of these Pokémon were announced in Niantic's official update, but this is the first time that we've seen visual confirmation that they can all be Shiny. Here's how you can acquire each of these new costumed creatures:

  • World Cap Pikachu: This will be featured during the Tuesday, October 6th Spotight Hour from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Generally, costumed Pokémon haven't been able to evolve recently, so it's very interesting to see Raichu rocking this hat as well. This specific Pikachu will, like past costumed Pikachus and unlike the rest of these spawns, be abe to evolve.
  • Smoochum with the bow: This Pokémon can only be hatched from 7KM Eggs. The Shiny is cute but has a very subtle difference, so watch out for those sparkles as it hatches.
  • Top Hate Kirlia and Shinx: These will both be featured in raids. Shiny Top Hat Shinx was a given as Shinx generally comes Shiny, but it's nice to see that Kirlia, a second-stage evolution, will be available in its Shiny with this new costume. Don't expect standard Kirlia to be available as a Shiny when it returns to raids after the event, though.
  • Backwards Cap Croagunk: They could've found a hat that fit this guy a little better, huh? Croagunk will photobomb snapshots daily during Fashion Week, leading to encounters. It will be available in the wild but, as we warned in our first post, Niantic used the word "rarely" for its spawn rate… so go in with positive thoughts but expect to see very few of these.

As the event starts, you can look forward to a full breakdown on the Fashion Week Raid Rotation, which will be available along with Moltres' stay in raids this week.

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