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Ubisoft Music Releases Digital Album Far Cry 6: The Music Of Yara

Ubisoft Music has released a new album this week to coincide with their latest game as we now have Far Cry 6: The Music of Yara. As it is with a lot of titles set in a specific location, whether they be fictional or not, the soundtrack tends to make or break the vibe of the area and help bring it to life. The team went above and beyond this time around as they have music that feels like it came from the area, as you're getting 28 tracks for over 90 minutes of music. We have more info about it from the game's audio director for you below, but you can purchase or stream the music here.

Cover art for Far Cry 6: The Music of Yara, courtesy of Ubisoft Music.
Cover art for Far Cry 6: The Music of Yara, courtesy of Ubisoft Music.

Speaking on the authenticity of Far Cry 6: The Music of Yara, Ubisoft Audio Director Eduardo Vaisman stated, "When we started planning on the music for Far Cry 6, one thing became clear: we wanted Yara to be more than a fantasy place to set the conflict between tyranny and revolution. It needed to feel like a real place, a place most of Latinos can relate to and a place that wanted to be visited by the curious adventurer or tourists looking for beautiful beaches. This soundtrack reflects how the Latino culture could be represented like a constellation of different emotions. We have the traditional music deeply rooted in the Afro-Caribbean culture, the power of a rebel youth present through rap and hip-hop, an anthem that brings the feeling of belonging and patriotism and party, and love songs that reflect the uplifting spirit of hope and joy."

The focus track from this album is "Sueños de Libertad" by Porfi Baloa which is one of the game's main character's favorite songs that players can hear on the in-game radio. Other stand-out tracks on the compilation are Gabylonia's original songs including "Camino Revolucionario", and La Sonora Yarana's cover songs "El Bella Ciao de Libertad" and a satirical version of the classic "Mambo Italiano" titled "Mambo Yarano".

Track List – Artist
01. Camino Revolucionario – Gabylonia
02. Cancion Bonita – El Micha, Diana Fuentes
03. 1,2,3 – Sofía Reyes
04. Sueños de Libertad* – Porfi Baloa
05. Yara Para Todos – Hilario Duran
06. El Bella Ciao de Libertad – La Sonora Yarana
07. Cuba Linda – Qbanoamerikano Pico
08. La Barbarie – Barbaro El Urbano Vargas
09. Talento Y Dinero – El Chacal
10. Marcha "Somos Yara" – Ariel Contreras
11. Reduccion de Plantilla – La Reyna Y La Real
12. Carta al Tirano – Gabylonia
13. Guajira (I Love You 2 Much) – Yerba Buena
14. Mambo Yarano – La Sonora Yarana, Rosa Mel
15. Legado Opening – Los Van Van
16. See-Line Woman – Yolanda Castillo
17. Himno Nacional Yarano – Ariel Contreras
18. Latina – PUMVA
19. Esto Es Pa Mi Gente – Rilabeats
20. Pelo – Nitty Scott
21. Bajo el sol de Yara – Hilario Duran
22. Cadencia Yarana – Hilario Duran
23. Marcha del Verdadero Yarano – Ariel Contreras
24. Cuban Groove – PAUZA
25. Salte! – Alexis Play
26. What A Bam Bam – Amara La Negra
27. Feeling Loco – Ache Hernandez
28. Eso No Me Falla – Ghetto Kumbé

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